For the community, by the community

Winsec, the Microsoft Security User Group Belgium, joins the Community Day 2008.  
Get a look at
The website will be updated with further detail, very soon!
"Had fun last year? We sure did! So we decided Community Day should become a tradition.
If you don’t know what Community Day is, read on!
The Belgian community has a very strong reputation internationally with many individuals making their mark in their fields of expertise. Lots of individuals, just like you, are hungry for more information about the many Microsoft products and technologies. In addition to the technical information, there is also very often the need to just socialize with other persons within the same domain of expertise. The many user groups that were started the last couple of years are doing a great job trying to address these needs with monthly meetings.
Eight of them, Belgian Dynamics Community, Biwug, IT-Talks, Pro-Exchange, SQLUG,Visug, Winsec, and XNAbug have decided to combine their efforts again to organize another joint-event just before summer starts. So if you are eager to learn, get answers to your questions and meet your peers, come and join us at the premises of SemCom in Keerbergen on Thursday, the 26th of June 2008.
You can start planning your day of free training already!"
CU there!

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