Legal insight on use wireless access

Just a few days ago I had a discussion on the (non-)security of wireless access points.
More and more people get broad band internet access at home.
Prices for broad band are dropping, or at least you get more internet for the same prices. 😉
Just depends which one of the duo-poly you choose in Belgium.
Still the prices for high speed internet are quite high in Belgium comparing to other EU countries, but that’s another discussion…
Also more and more people want fast AND mobile internet at home…
So they get a wireless box on top of their internet access or just all-in-one.
Securing a (private) wireless access point isn’t that difficult anymore nowadays.
At least if people would get the proper help or explanation.
The fact is that not all of them know how to secure a Wifi AP, if they already care about it.
One of the arguments I heard last week was that the monthly download volume nowadays is so big (some GB or 10,20, 30…), why bother for someone else using your wireless…
"And why securing the wireless??"
Another fact is, finding unsecured wireless is not that difficult.
Well, today I read a pretty interesting piece on the web at IT Professional (in Dutch)
"Zet de netwerkpoorten maar open? De redenering houdt juridisch weinig steek in België"
(Full unsecured access to internet? In Belgium, legally not a good idea)
Patrick Van Eecke is the author (
Patrick’s column actually refers to a blog of Bruce Schneier.
Bruce says he doesn’t care about securing his wireless access at home.
Bottomline of Patrick’s reasoning is that the lack of security on the access point (even the very minimum) could cause some serious trouble, not only legally…
All the credits to Patrick, but he makes my point.

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