Update on the roadmap of ILM “2”

At connect.microsoft.com the MS Program administrator and the ILM "2" team have updated release dates on ILM "2".
The purpose of this note is to provide an update on the Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” timelines. We are planning to launch beta 3 at Tech Ed in June. Following beta 3, we plan to deliver a release candidate (RC) in Q4 of calendar year 2008, with final release to manufacturing (RTM) of ILM “2” planned for Q1 of calendar year 2009. We have adjusted our schedule slightly to provide us with additional time to integrate beta 3 features.

Expiration of Windows Server 2008 RC0

When ILM “2” Beta 2 was released the most recent version available for Windows Server 2008 was RC0, and that is the version the installation manual is mentioning as supported. We want to make you aware of that RC0 will expire April 7th. If you want to continue evaluating ILM “2” Beta 2 after this date, you should update and use the RTM version of Windows Server 2008. Even if the product group has not yet tested all aspects of this version of the operating system, we have noticed that several customers are already running with this configuration without any reported issues. For additional information, please join the Beta newsgroup. If you do not yet have access to Windows Server 2008, the evaluation version can be found here.


More info at : https://connect.microsoft.com/content/content.aspx?ContentID=8091&SiteID=433


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