ILM Quickie* : scheduling ILM runs with masequencer

After initial configuration and (manual) test runs of the management agents in ILM, run profiles must be set to run automatically…

One of the options to schedule operations in ILM is using the Management agent sequence configuration tool and the masequencer.

Click the screenshots to see more detail.

To start, check the exact MA names in the ILM GUI.

HINT : Copy & Paste them into a document, or use the Management Agent Configuration viewer 😉

task 1

For each MA (management agent) configure the needed run profiles.

Check the exact names of the run profiles you will use.

(HINT : Copy & Paste it into a document)

task 2


Run the Management Agent Run Sequence Configuration tool (part of the MIIS 2003 Resource Tool kit).


Enter server name, username, password to run the Management agent sequence (typically MIIS Service account).

task 5

Add a thread.

You can add multiple threads, but threads will be executed in parallel.

Be careful : some actions/run profiles should better be run in sequence.


You can configure tasks, scripts to run in pre-processing or in post-processing… (for example copying a file before execution)

You can also add multiple run profile runs in the same thread.

These run profiles are executed sequentially (one after the other).


You can use the menu Action > Start to test the run sequence.




Save the run sequence to a XML file.



Test the run profile sequence with the masequencer command.

In this sample case the sequence is saved as Runadimport.xml.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Resource Tool Kit>_

masequencer /f:Runadimport.xml

Logging into the File ‘MASequenceConfiguration.log’

Starting all MAs.


RunADImport execution completed

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Resource Tool Kit>_

(While running the sequence the MA show running in the Management agents panel…)

After the sequence finished, you should see the run profile statistics in the Identity Manager operations.


To schedule the sequences, open Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks.


Add a new scheduled task.



Look for the masequencer executable.

(by default in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Resource Tool Kit\MASequencer.exe)


task 18

For the initial configuration step, put a daily schedule (this will be changed in the advanced settings).

task 19

Set the service account that will run the task.

(= not necessarily the same service account as MIIS)

task 20

Enable the advanced properties.

task 21

task 22

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Resource Tool Kit\MASequencer.exe” /RunADImport.xml

Set a more appropriate schedule, best fitted to your situation.

task 24

task 25

task 26

You can enable/disable a task without need to delete it.

Run profiles run! 😉


Hope this helps,


Download the procedure here:

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