Current ILM “2” RC resources

If you’re looking for help on ILM “2” (aka FIM 2010) , these are the most prominent sources to bookmark:


Webcast: Alex Weinert on Forefront Identity Manager 2010


Bobby and Nima’s ILM Blog

Joe Schulman – Identity Management Extensibility

Brjann Brekkan – Identity Management blog

Brad Turner’s blog

Joe Zamora’s blog

David Lundell’s blog

Craig McMurtry’s WebLog

Mark Gabarra’s Blog

Jeremey Palenchar

Darryl Russi


And also:

The MS IDA guys blog

Henrik Nilsson’s blog:

Carol’s Adventures in identity management

Technical Resources

Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” Product Page

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 website

Microsoft Technet Forum

Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 – Identity Management – MS Technet Forums

Microsoft Connect (registration required)

ILM 2 Technical Resources with webcasts/podcasts:

Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 (Beta) Technical Library

              • Technical Reference
                              • Deployment
                                              • Code & Project sources

                                                FIM 2010 Protocol Documents


                                                Forefront™ Identity Manager 2010 Release Candidate 1

                                                Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” Release Candidate

                                                Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" RC Demo Virtual Hard Disk Image (updated, 1/sep/2009)

                                                Microsoft Connect (registration required) Downloads

                                                Microsoft® Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" (Release Candidate) Multi-forest Management Step-by-Step Guide

                                                Additional hints and tips:

                                                ILM Technet Center

                                                ILM “2” (RC) Release notes

                                                WSS Windows Sharepoint services 3 (cfr ILM Portal functions)

                                                Administering Sharepoint functions

                                                Visual Studio .NET

                                                deeptanshuv’s WebLog  64-bit and Visual Studio 2005

                                                .NET Framework 3.5

                                                Internet Explorer (vs. isolated test environment)

                                                Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” Privacy Statement

                                                Any suggestions for additions are welcome.

                                                Change log

                                                • 4-okt-’09: Added blogs
                                                • 30-sep-’09: added download link to FIM 2010 RC1
                                                • 1-sep-’09, fixed broken link download RC VHD
                                                • 15-jul-’09: protocol doc link added
                                                • 2-jul-’09: update with webcast section
                                                • 12-may-’09: update on ILM "2" vhd image download
                                                • 22-apr-’09 update blogs list/info
                                                • 21-apr-’09: update codeplex projects + FIM 2010 info
                                                • 31-mar-’09 updated with new info on blogs
                                                • 24-mar-’09 updated with new codeplex projects
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