new ILM 2 release schedule announced at TEC 2009

Past few days…. weeks…. rumors were circulating on ILM 2 RTM launch date….
This morning Jackson Shaw (Quest) posted some amazing news on his blog.
Also at TEC 2009, in his keynote, Mark Wahl also announced new dates in the release schedule on ILM 2.
ILM 2 RC0 was made available in november 2008.
Microsoft will release a new release candidate (RC1) in Q3 CY 2009.
The launch of ILM 2 will be delayed to Q1 2010, which is actually a year from the RTM initially announced.
And exactly as Jackson mentions: that hurts.
In the Q&A after the keynote, THE question was launched, about the underlying reason for the delay.
(Thank you, Carol (missMIIS), to put the question.)
Let me try to paraphrase Mark’s answer.
ILM 2 is feature complete, and will not be bypassed for the roadmap to ILM 3.
But as ILM covers lots of different (connected) platforms there is a need for long term validation.
Customer feedback is an key component in this validation.
In this set, the customers are the TAP companies running ILM 2 beta live in production.
ILM 2 is build to support practical solutions like password reset and group management functionality, among other functionality…
As far as I’ve understood, customer feedback led to the decision to delay ILM 2 RTM.
Customers want:
– ILM to support different/additional configuration models
– ILM to support different and additional implementation scenario’s
One of the scenario’s Mark mentioned was cross organization provisioning.
Also the support for high availability models is key.
A wider, broader audience is needed (installed base).
Nevertheless, ILM 2 still is the next level of Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Management as part of the MS IDA platform.
With a lot of promising new features, built on the strong foundation of ILM 2007.
Grab it, install it, feel it, do it, you’ll see that the new era of ILM is coming.
Get all info and details on the MS Identity and Acces Solutions website.
(And also my previous post on current ILM 2 technical resources will help to get you started.)
ILM 2 will take its place among the other identity management products on the market.
See you around at TEC 2009 USA!
Update: Carol’s comment & thoughts here.

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