updated ILM marketing announcement by Microsoft

Today Microsoft released an official marketing announcement on the official branding of ILM “2”.

The new name is Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM).

The official Forefront website is here.

More specific Identity Manager 2010 as part of the Forefront platform.

More general info is available at the Server and Tools Business News Bytes blog.

Also you’ll find quite interesting stuff to read at the Identity Management Extensibility blog.

And more specific: (quote)

“As an aside, you may see references to FIM 2009.  There is no shipping version of FIM 2009.   Back in December when we planned to ship this fiscal year, we re-branded the product to FIM 2009.  With the slip into the next fiscal year we now will ship as FIM 2010.  We have not begun transitioning to FIM 2010, so many recent screenshots and splash screens most likely will show 2009.  The re-branding last December was the key reason we could not show publically recent builds or screenshots since January.”

Brad Turner (fellow MVP on ILM) posted a catchy schematic overview on the ILM history, here.


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