TEC 2009 aftermath

With TEC 2009 US behind us, I could have written a review.
But others did way better than I could have done.
I really recommend reading the post of Pamela Dingle looking back on TEC 2009 US, spot on.

At TEC, you’re able to speak face2face with the presenters, experts and the MS product teams. Just amazing.

Along with the other high quality sessions on ILM, I’ve enjoyed the Chalk-’n-Talk session on ILM very much.

TEC is also one of the few possibilities to meet up live with the fellow MVPs, as travelling isn’t easy these days.


The get-together of the MVPs Directory services already scored a hit with MVPs on Parade at TEC 2009.

A real pity that there were not enough seats to get all the MVPs ILM present in front of the camera. Haha! 😉

Forgot about the pictures, ‘til backing up my mobile data yesterday…

MVP on greenscreen 640x480 MVP on greenscreen2 640x480

Great performance David, Craig, Carol, Brad, Laura and Brian!


Never guess who got on the bench with the Exchange MVPs…


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