MS ILM Forum Greatest Hits launched

Source: MS Identity Lifecycle Manager forum

"This forum is a great repository for valuable information that enables you to learn about and troubleshoot ILM.
In an effort to provide you with a faster, easier, and more valuable forum experience, we have created the Greatest Hits Collection.
The Greatest Hits Collection is a set of technical articles that are developed to address the following three key areas:

  • Discoverability – For common questions, you should be able to find your answer quickly and easily without the need to read several related posts to find authoritative information.
  • In-Depth Content – There are questions that require more than just a one- or two-liner as response.
  • Dependability – Strategic questions require a single authoritative response, which must be technically relevant and accurate, not an individual’s opinion.

Each Greatest Hit Article is a result of a collaborative effort to develop helpful technical information.
While written by an ILM expert, each article has been reviewed (prior to its release) by a group of identity management specialists from Microsoft and thought leaders from this community to ensure technical accuracy and relevancy of the content.
The content of the Greatest Hit Articles spans a broad range of areas from general information about how to approach an identity management related problem to technical descriptions of features.
Greatest Hits articles are filling a gap between a typical forum post and Microsoft’s official core documentation."

I’m proud to announce that I’ve added a Greatest Hits Article to the list: How to get the maximum return on your forum question.

Thanks to all the people who supported me and who provided valuable feedback.


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