A Must-have: the Claims Based Identity & Access Control Guide

Source: http://claimsid.codeplex.com/

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What is Claims-Based Identity, and Why Should You Care?

There are many features in a typical secure application, three of the most common being:

  • Authentication: “Who are you?”
  • Authorization: “Are you allowed to do this?”
  • Personalization: “How can I personalize your experience?”

This guide will introduce you to “claims-based” identity, a set of ideas and tools that may make it easier for you to build features like these into your apps in a more flexible way. In this guide, we’ll introduce some concepts that may sound new: claims, federated identity, and much more. But many of the ideas presented here have been floating around for a long time.

The protocols we’ll show in this guide have a similar flavor to Kerberos, one of the most broadly accepted authentication protocols in use today (used in Active Directory for example). WS-Federation, SAML, and other federated identity protocols have been incubating for this entire decade. This is really not so new after all, but it does require a new way of thinking as we move toward a better architecture for identity in applications.

Claims based identity is specially compelling for applications that are deployed to the cloud. This Guide covers such scenarios."

Also check the source page, it contains very interesting links to the blogs of the authors team.
Must have.
Must bookmark.

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