Next event of Extending FIM

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Location Updated!


Forefront Identity Manager 2010 offers lots of interesting opportunities to extend the basic solutions and scenarios. In this session we will discuss the different ways FIM 2010 can be extended to support advanced scenarios and which different kinds of solutions can be plugged into FIM 2010.

In the first part of the session Paul Loonen (MVP Identity Manager) will show you around in FIM 2010 to discuss the built-in features to extend FIM 2010

After the break Peter Geelen (MVP Identity Manager) will discuss the solutions on the market which are readily available to be plugged in to FIM 2010

Location (updated!): RealDolmen, Zenneveld, A. Vaucampslaan 42, 1654 Huizingen

Date: Tuesday 26 october 2010

Doors: 18h30 (GMT+2, CEST, Brussel summer time)

End: +/- 21h00 (GMT+2)

Register for Extending FIM 2010 in Diegem, Belgium  on Eventbrite

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