MVPs on FIM PG meeting – MVP summit 2011

I wish to thank the MS MVP program and the FIM 2010 product group (PG) for the great oppportunity to meet at the MVP summit this year. It was really nice to meet all the people in person.

In the picture below, find the MVPs who made it to Redmond this year. Hover or click on each of the MVPs to see the link to their blog.
Fellow MVP Paul Adare didn’t make it to the photo shoot.

MVPs ILM & AD on PG meeting at MVP Summit 2011

To have an overview of the current MVPs on ILM/FIM , see here.

Gil Kirkpatrick, MVP Directory Services David Lundell, MVP Identity Manager Henrik Nilsson, MVP Identity Manager Craig Martin, MVP Identity Manager Paul Loonen, MVP Identity Manager Peter Geelen, MVP Identity Manager Brad Turner, MVP Identity Manager Brian Desmond, MVP Directory Services Naohiro Fujie, MVP Identity Manager Default

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