Month: April 2012

Go get the Windows Server “8” Beta Virtual Labs

Do you want to get started with Windows Server “8” (to be Windows Server 2012), can’t wait to get hands-on experienc, but..
you don’t have the time or hardware to build you own lab?

Then you definitely need to check out this : Windows Server “8” Beta Virtual Labs.

Active Directory Deployment and Management Enhancements
Configuring a Highly Available iSCSI Target
Configuring Hyper-V over Highly Available SMB Storage
Implementing Storage Pools and Storage Spaces
Introduction to Windows PowerShell Fundamentals
What’s New in Windows PowerShell 3.0
Managing Branch Offices
Managing Network Infrastructure
Managing Your Network Infrastructure with IP Address Management
Managing Windows Server “8” with Server Manager and Windows PowerShell 3.0
Online Backup Service
Using Dynamic Access Control to Automatically and Centrally Secure Data

Find the full details at:

Note to self: Get your free 25GB Skydrive


“/../ We know that many of you signed up for a service that offered 25GB, and some are already using more than 7GB of storage. So, starting today, for a limited time, any registered SkyDrive user *who has uploaded files to SkyDrive* as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage while still getting all of the benefits of the new service. (For users who are already using more than 4GB as of April 1, we’ve automatically opted you in to 25GB of free storage to avoid any issues.) Just sign in here or view our FAQ. /../”

Goodbye and … Hello!

As you probably noticed on LinkedIn I recently changed jobs.

Since beginning of april I’ve accepted an interesting opportunity as Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Services.
Probably less surprising: focusing on FIM, Security & Identity.

This means that my old mail address is no longer in use, as of 31/mar/2012.

For Traxion related inquiries, please contact Traxion directly.

But please pay attention: my mail account ( at Traxion is NOT disabled nor blocked.
All mail (including confidential and personal mail) that you send to my old mail address is forwarded to and read by a Traxion employee, until further notice.

This is beyond my will and power.

So, I would like to urge you: Please, do NOT use my old mail address to contact me.

Instead, for professional communication you can mail me directly at the common internet mail format (firstname).(lastname) at (newcompany).com.
And my alternative mail addresses have not changed.

My mobile number has stayed the same.

There will be a some more changes to come. you’ll get the update when appropriate.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to find me at
Microsoft Blog – WikiNinjas:

Microsoft Technet Wiki:
Microsoft Technet Forums: Forefront Identity Manager 2010, Identity Lifecycle Manager, TechNet Wiki Discussion

Looking forward to hear from you!

April Austin OWASP Meeting Remotely: Anatomy of Advanced Email Attacks

Source: > Upcoming events

April OWASP Chapter Meeting

When: April 24th, from 11:30a-1:00pm

Topic:: Anatomy of Advanced Email Attacks (Aaron Estes, Cigital)

Abstract:  Email attacks comprise an overwhelming majority of the daily attacks on modern enterprise.  The leading mitigation strategy is a combination of user awareness training and email filtering.  This talk outlines a proposed solution that brings email risk and awareness information down to the client level in order to better equip end users in making secure decisions when using email.

Anti-spam capabilities have been incorporated into email client applications for some time now.  These are usually in the form of junk boxes or email filters that attempt to identify spam or other unwanted email.  Most anti-spam clients use bayesian filtering to determine whether an email is spam or not spam, typically using word combinations and statistical analysis to make a determination.  Many experts also advise wary email users to examine the raw email headers in order to attempt to find evidence of an email attack.  While this is not bad advise, it is however a highly technical process and one cannot expect the majority of email users to be able to carry out and act upon this advice.  This is the problem that the proposed Advanced Email Risk Classification and Recipient Decision Assistance solution attempts to solve.  The operating name for this solution is Phish Finder.

Speaker: Aaron Estes, Cigital

Aaron Estes came to Cigital from Lockheed Martin where he spend 10 years in the software engineering and security engineering fields. He began his information security career as a system security engineer on the F-35 program.  Aaron has spent the last 5 years as a security engineer and penetration tester for Lockheed Martin Enterprise Business Services specializing in application penetration testing and user awareness/social engineering testing.  Aaron is also a professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas where he teaches senior and graduate level security courses.  He has nearly completed his Doctor of Engineering in Software Engineering at Southern Methodist University, has a Masters in Software Engineering from Southern Methodist University and has a Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Texas.  Aaron is a Certified Information System Security Professional.

Cost: Free, of course, but please RVSV!

Food: Oh yeah, Taco Deli time! Please RSVP so we’ll be sure to have enough for all!

Location: National Instruments, 11500 N. Mopac.

Questions? call: David Hughes (512) 589-4623


Attend Remotely!

Attend remotely at:

1.  Please join meeting.

2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

Belgium (toll-free): 0 800 26116 Belgium: +32 (0) 28 08 4368

Join the Private Cloud Roadshow in Brussels (25 April) and Ghent (26 April)

Join experts Kurt Roggen (MVP) and Mike Resseler (MVP) for the Private Cloud Roadshow.


In this half day you will learn more about private cloud infrastructure setup and how you can monitor this. Learn how to create your private clouds and how to deploy standardized applications or services into these clouds. And as a final session you will learn how you can provide automation in your private cloud.

There are 2 options to attend (same content, different location):


25 April 2012 in Brussels


26 April 2012 in Ghent


This TechNet event is free of charge and Microsoft will be giving away one Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone in each location.
Detailed agenda:

13:00 : 13:30 Welcome & Coffee

13:30 : 14:30 Building your Private Cloud Infrastructure
Learn how to build your Private Cloud infrastructure, by dealing with Fabric Management (Compute/ Hypervisors, Storage, Network), which will serve as the basis for the Private Cloud that you will be creating. We will discuss how to deploy, configure and manage each of these different elements in your datacenter.

14:30 : 14:50 Break

14:50 : 16:30 Creating, Monitoring & Operating your Private Cloud
Learn how to create your private clouds and how to deploy standardized applications or services into these clouds. Learn how to monitor your clouds and how to can handle change requests. All this key area’s will be addressed to give you an idea of what is happening in a private cloud after it is up, running, and into production.

16:30 : 16:50 Break

16:50 : 18:00 Automating & Delivering Services in your Private Cloud
Learn how you can provide automation in your private cloud. Discover also how your cloud services can be offered and consumed using different self-service portals and what their differences are.

18:00 : 19:00 Networking & Drinks