Goodbye and … Hello!

As you probably noticed on LinkedIn I recently changed jobs.

Since beginning of april I’ve accepted an interesting opportunity as Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Services.
Probably less surprising: focusing on FIM, Security & Identity.

This means that my old mail address is no longer in use, as of 31/mar/2012.

For Traxion related inquiries, please contact Traxion directly.

But please pay attention: my mail account ( at Traxion is NOT disabled nor blocked.
All mail (including confidential and personal mail) that you send to my old mail address is forwarded to and read by a Traxion employee, until further notice.

This is beyond my will and power.

So, I would like to urge you: Please, do NOT use my old mail address to contact me.

Instead, for professional communication you can mail me directly at the common internet mail format (firstname).(lastname) at (newcompany).com.
And my alternative mail addresses have not changed.

My mobile number has stayed the same.

There will be a some more changes to come. you’ll get the update when appropriate.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to find me at
Microsoft Blog – WikiNinjas:

Microsoft Technet Wiki:
Microsoft Technet Forums: Forefront Identity Manager 2010, Identity Lifecycle Manager, TechNet Wiki Discussion

Looking forward to hear from you!


One comment

  1. Hi Peter!

    Good luck with your job. As the identity management world in Belgium is very small, I have no doubt that we’ll see each other again soon!

    Best regards,

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