IT Pro Summer Expedition has kicked off!

IT Pro Summer Expedition


Summer‘s here and for most of us it’s the time of the year when we take that well-deserved rest and stand back from the daily grind. It’s the perfect time to launch yourself into something new, fun and rewarding.


Are you ready for the IT Pro Summer Expedition?


Dive into Microsoft private cloud solutions (built on System Center and Windows Server) this summer and win fantastic prizes! The Summer Expedition consists of 4 stages and in each of those stages you can win a Nokia Lumia 800, a TechNet Professional Subscription and 4 x 2 Kinepolis cinema tickets. Complete all 4 stages and you may be planning your next summer holiday if you win our grand prize: an €800 Connections Gift Voucher!


Experience Windows Server 2012 Prepare yourself and your organisation for the future. Watch the videos and discover how Windows Server 2012 is the power of many servers with the simplicity of one, by efficiently managing your infrastructure.

Can’t wait to get cracking? In the next stages of the Expedition you get to enjoy the Best of the Microsoft Management Summit 2012, determine your Private Cloud Destination and hone your skills at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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