How safe is your digital life?


A real life example of your digital life getting destroyed.

In depth

Do you use 2-factor authentication when accessing internet services?
Are you using different e-mail addresses for accessing online services like webmail, cloud storage, newsletters, online communication, social media, financial transactions, buying online,…?
Do you use different passwords for every account?

Do you have backup or recovery e-mail addresses, with a different naming then your primary account?
Do you get a notification if key identity information of your online account has changed?
Do you have an offline backup of all your personal digital data?

If any or your answers to the questions above is ‘No’, then have a look at this article, posted yesterday.
Don’t focus on the names of the companies mentioned, it can happen on other systems too.
Maybe we should say ‘…it will happen…’, just a matter of time.


One of the key conclusions of the article is that (quote) “cloud-based systems need fundamentally different security measures. Password-based security mechanisms — which can be cracked, reset, and socially engineered — no longer suffice in the era of cloud computing.

But most of the websites or web-services are not ready for 2-factor or multi-factor authentication yet.
Let’s hope it doesn’t take more victims or incidents, before  they make that mind switch.

Another point of the article is: protect yourself.
This article stresses the need to take the necessary precautions yourself, backup your data offline, use strong passwords, use different accounts/different passwords, and change passwords regularly …

Did you ever consider what would happen when someone else takes over your digital identity?
Or even worse: What would you do when it gets destroyed?

How long it would take to recover from identity destruction?
It is no longer a rhetorical question, (sh)it happens.


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