Note-to-self: FIM Troubleshooting back to the basics

Background: supporting a FIM customer, complaining that since last june, FIM was not provisioning to AD anymore.
But, except for some HR data quality issues, FIM was not complaining about anything, no errors, no warnings, no exception thrown.

That … should have rung a bell. (*)

Yes, yes, you’ll probably find very interesting resource for FIM Troubleshooting

here: TechNet > Troubleshooting FIM 2010 Roadmap

here : TechNet > Troubleshooting FIM 2010

here: Technet Wiki: FIM Troubleshooting

and TechNet Wiki: FIM Landing Page: Resource Wiki and Troubleshooter Wiki Index Page

here: TechNet Wiki: FIM Troubleshooting articles

eh … here : FIM 2010 Wiki Articles

and here: Forefront Identity Manager Resources

BUT, do you know what they ALL do have in common? The base principles  of troubleshooting

  • Principle 1: Start from the basics; recheck the obvious things
    • Eg. If provisioning isn’t working, is ‘provisioning’ enabled? (*)
  • Principle 2: Don’t assume anything. stick to the facts.
  • Principle 3: Check the assumptions you (and your customer) made. Good faith is a bad advisor.
  • Principle 4: Keep track, log what you have done so far.
  • Principle 5: Keep the overall view. Once you go do down a troubleshooting path, you risk to forget or skip options you wanted to check earlier.
  • Principle 6: Note down ideas, hunches…


  • The Ninja Principle: Share your solution, write a blog and post it to TechNet Wiki!

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