Note-to-self: 2014 MCT Program changes, Requirements, Software & Services, Fee Changes


From the recent Microsoft Learning newsletter to MCTs, I would like to share some news about the changes to the MCT program.
You’ll find more information, more details on the link I mentioned above.

Effective March 1, 2014, there are imporant changes / updates the the MCT certification requirements.
The new MCT Program Guide will be available soon. The guide provides detailed information regarding MCT program requirements.
Please find the details at: (Section: Requirements effective March 1, 2014)

As the Technet Subscription has been retired, there is also an important change to the MCT benefits, software & services availability.
Read more at: MCT Software & Services available March 1, 2014 (

“In recognition of the role MCTs play in actively training   students worldwide on Microsoft products, starting March 1st, 2014 MCTs who   renew or enroll in the MCT Program will receive a subscription for MCT   Software & Services. This is a uniquely tailored subscription that   utilizes software and services offerings across Microsoft to provide   exclusive access to resources that help MCTs further develop technical   expertise and training skills.

Two subscriptions are available based on the MCT’s specific   training focus and provide MCTs with enhanced resources including non-time  bombed software and Windows Azure monthly credits.

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