Day: Tue 25 Nov 2014

#FIM2010 quick links & resources overview

This page is a collection of bookmarks to quickly find FIM article collections and references Short URL = Getting started with FIM 2010 – Resources for FIM starters This article contains a limited set of links that are used frequently for fresh starters in FIM. Short URL = FIM 2010 Best practices – article collection

Learning material for FIM Starters

A collection of a lot of FIM related pages, short cuts, …

Features to be deprecated in vNext

Planning FIM security, services & accounts

FIM disaster recovery planning guidance

Details about MIIS/ILM/FIM releases

FIM Hotfixes info

FIM tagged articles on Wiki

All FIM Articles on TN Wiki

FIM Technet Forum

Note-to-self: free Executive Guide: IT-security en riskmanagement #ZDNet


As add-on to their free seminar on businesscontinuity (11/dec) ZDNet offers a free guide on IT-security and riskmanagement.

It offers 10 IT-riskmanagement domains that are often forgotten. The guide also offers a simplified framework on IT Risk management for SMB.

Further more the guide discusses useful topics on risk management, to determine the possible risks and how to implement control mechanisms on insider threats.

Download the executive guide here.