Month: February 2015

Note-to-self: Microsoft Ignite session – Upgrading from #FIM2010 to #MSIM2015 and Azure Active Directory

Mental note: Microsoft Ignite, May 48, 2015 (Chicago, IL)

Check out this session at #MSIgnite and find other content that’s right for you.

“In this session we will cover how to upgrade from Forefront Identity Manager and earlier products to the upcoming Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), demonstrate how MIM integrates with Azure Active Directory (AD), and review best practices for integrating private and public cloud identity and access management.” 

All info at



New MIM vNext CTP (CTP3) posted on Microsoft Connect #FIM2010 #MSIM2015

Today the FIM/MIM product group posted a new version of the MIM vNext CTP on
Microsoft Connect (Milestone CTP3, 4.3.1691.0)

Head over to the Microsoft Connect site at:

Some interesting new stuff has been published:

[UPDATE, 3/mar/2015, additional files have been published, you need 27GB free space now]

Bestandsnaam: Bestandsgrootte 111,54 MB
CTP3 MIM CM with Modern App TLG.docx 5,38 MB
MIM Preview Questionnaire_clean.docx 25 KB
PAM REST API Reference V1.0.docx 31 KB
TLG for SSLA with MFA – 2015-02-22.docx 4,05 MB 553 KB
MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management.docx 394 KB 3.856,65 MB 5.450,5 MB 5.629,68 MB 12.199,95 MB 977 KB

You’ll find the download link published today at:

New Hotfix rollup (build 4.1.3627.0) is available for #FIM2010 R2 Service Pack 1


A hotfix rollup package (build 4.1.3627.0) is available for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

The build number for BHOLD components that are included in this release is 5.0.2959.0. This hotfix rollup resolves some issues and adds some features that are described in the “More Information” section of the article.

Packt Pub is launching Free Learning campaign, claim a free eBook every day

Packt Publishing is encouraging customers to develop new skills and try new technologies with 18 days of Free Learning. For 18 days from 16th February to 5th March, Packt is inviting yout to claim a free eBook every day to learn a new skill.

Head over to the Packt website and go claim your free eBook! (

Note-to-self: using Honeypot to detect Mimikatz Use On Your Network


In short:”… Here is the idea.   You stage these fake credentials in the memory of computers you suspect might be the initial entry point on your network.   Perhaps all the computers sitting in your DMZ.    For a great deception my friend Rob Fuller (@mubix) is toying with the idea of putting this into the logon scripts to stage fake workstation administrator accounts on all the machines in your network.  Then you would setup alerts on your network that detect the use of the fake accounts.    Be sure to choose a username that an attacker will think is valid and will have high privileges on your domain. …


Note-to-self: TEDTalk – Before public speaking…

Must see:

“If you’ve got a presentation to give at work or school — or are perhaps getting ready to speak at a TEDx event? — we recommend these talks to help get you pumped up. “

Playlist (8 talks)