New MIM vNext CTP (CTP4) posted on Microsoft Connect #FIM2010 #MIM2015, now #MIM2016


Today the FIM/MIM product group posted a new version of the MIM vNext CTP on Microsoft Connect (Milestone CTP4, 4.3.1790.0)

Head over to the Microsoft Connect site at

As you’ll see quickly you’ll need 35GB free space now, to download the documents and VMs.

In addition to the new functionality, if you carefully read the list of downloads we have got a new product name:

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016.

CTP3 MIM CM with Modern App TLG.docx 5,38 MB Download
MICROSOFT EVALUATION SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS.docx 70 KB Download 6.429,13 MB Download 7.438,93 MB Download 7.461,45 MB Download 13.791,65 MB Download
MIM install 158 MB Download
MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management.docx 474 KB Download
TLG – MIM2016 Deployment.docx 8,98 MB Download
TLG – MIM2016 RC Self-Service Login Assistance (SSPR+SSAU) with Azure MFA.docx 4,05 MB Download

The beta release can be downloaded as following:

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