Month: August 2015

Note-to-self: Installing the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 (4.3.1935.0) Service and Portal – Upgrade from FIM 2010 R2


Great work from Anthony Marsiglia (FIM Devil)

#MIM2016 favorite short urls

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#MIM2016 now officially published and generally available


As many of the FIMsters already knew by the updates on MSDN/VL downloads and the update on the TechNet Center,.. is now also officially announced by the FIM/MIM product group.

You can read the full details at:

Shai Kariv points to a few interesting links in the announcement.

“Please refer to the official Microsoft communication here and here for the available channels for getting the final product version. ”

This is :

And also

This major new version of Identity Manager is an overall modernization of capabilities and experiences relative to the previous version, FIM 2010 R2.

We added programmatic interfaces such as a RESTful API and PowerShell commands, and expanded the supported operating systems, server products and browser versions based on customer input.

Additionally, we’re very proud about some of the innovations introduced in this product version, in the areas of Security (privileged identity management), Hybrid identity management, new self-service capabilities, and new certificate management experiences.

For more extensive information about Microsoft Identity Management features and themes, check out previous posts in this blog: here, here, here, and here.

Great news for Windows 10 users! Microsoft Identity Manager not only adds experiences for Windows 10, but actually it has greater value for you, because it leverages the intrinsic Windows Server 2016 new Active Directory capabilities: time-limited group memberships and foreign principal groups.”

And as a reminder:

Also take a look at the updated licensing scheme for FIM and MIM 2016.

Note-to-Self: #MIM2016 online documentation is live

Just got the news that the MIM 2016 online documentation is published.

You can find the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Developer Reference at:

It contains:

On TechNet you can find the MIM 2016 Technical Library at:

Get your #MIM2016 – download available on MSDN/VL

Source: FIM2010 FB Group As noticed by other FIM community members, the software bits of MIM 2016 are published on MSDN… mim2016_on_MSDN And an updated product website is in the air: So one can expect that an announcement on the MIM2016 GA (General Availability) is on it’s way…

See also:

Note-to-self: Identity manager resources at the TechNet Evaluation Center

Source: aka

Head over to the TechNet Evaluation center to find some interesting resources on Identity Manager….