Note-to-self: FIM/MIM hotfix download link failing

Some people reported that the download links to the recent hotfix failed…

The 4.3.2064.0 hotfix page is:



When you click the link, it forwards to (or similar language)

You need to accept the EULA. (After reading it ! 😉 )

accept eula

Next you need to select the hotfix (only one to select).

Fill in your email and you’ll get the download link.

request mim hotfi

The link you receive in the mail should look like…




KB Article Number(s): 3092179

Language: All (Global)

Platform: x64

Location: (/<blah>/<blah/)


But when you click that link, in some cases the encoded URL seems to fail, where the spaces, slashes, dashes and underscores weren’t decoded correctly.

By clicking the link the %2520 code is not correctly translated to a space…

To solve this, copy the URL text and paste the URL in your favorite browser.


It should guide you to:

Be prepared, this hotfix takes 213 MB of your bandwidth and disk…









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