Month: March 2021

PECB MS : Building your data protection foundation by using the ISO/IEC 27701 core components

I had a great opportunity working with PECB MS, writing an article on building a #dataprotection foundation, using #ISO27701,.. perfectly fit for small business #SMB/#smebusiness.

Your data protection is a very strong #marketing tool to become the #trustedpartner of your customers.

No doubt: Get started! Doing nothing will cost you.

You can find the article over here:


And even better, get in touch if you want to have a chat building your data protection.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (#CMMC): reference material

While the main reference documents for CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) are published by the US OSD (Office of the Under Secretary of Defense) there are some more interesting documents you should reference when diving into CMMC….

This page is a providing a quick overview of useful stuff, when diving into CMMC.

(more information added when interesting links are found. Feel free to notify me if you think information is missing or out of date).

Start page


On the landing page you’ll find a link to CMMC Model and Assessment Guides :


Current version 1.02 (published 10 dec 2020)

CMMC model and assesment guides:


CMMC Model v1.02:CMMC Model PDF

CMMC Model v1.02 Appendices:CMMC Model Appendices PDF

CMMC Model v1.02 (Appendix A) in tabular format:CMMC Model (Appendix A) Excel

Assesment guides:

CMMC Level 1 Assessment GuideCMMC Level 1 Assessment Guide PDF (Editable)

CMMC Level 3 Assessment GuideCMMC Level 3 Assessment Guide PDF (Editable)

Additional info

Sadly, not all information is not posted on the CMMC home/landing page, but for example this public briefing presentation in PDF format is very useful:

Audit, Certification & Accreditation



Introduction on LPP:

If you need and ovverview of available publishers, check via CMMC AB marketplace link:

Training providers

Introduction to LTP:

List of training providers via market place: