June 2017: @TroyHunt is back in Belgium for his workshop ‘Hack Yourself First’. Wanna join?

ZIONSECURITY will be welcoming Troy Hunt again. The 1st and 2nd of June, he will be leading a ‘Hack Yourself First’ workshop where he will teach professionals how to break into their own applications. Find out the program and register here!

#update: download the flyer with program and details here: Flyer Troy Hunt June.

I have been there the last time, it was great fun, lots of interaction. And I certainly would recommend you to join.

What if you really wanna join, but your boss is not willing to sponsor? (While he SHOULD!).
Or any other silly reason you can’t attend?

Well, you know, if you can provide me a very good, strong, original and unique argument why you MUST be at this workshop, you might be lucky.

You know the channels to reach out to me and test your luck.

Some suggestion, send me a direct message:
1. Comment on this post,

2. mail me, tweet me (direct message!), F@ceBook me, LinkedIn …

Convince me and it could be you sitting at the first row.

Note-to-self: Channel9 – Azure Active Directory Connect: in-place upgrade from legacy tools

Source: https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Azure-Active-Directory-Videos-Demos/Azure-Active-Directory-Connect-in-place-upgrade-from-legacy-tools

Andreas Kjellman has published an small, but very interesting bit of video on Channel 9.
You can read more in the Azure AD Connect documentation pages00https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Azure-Active-Directory-Videos-Demos/Azure-Active-Directory-Connect-in-place-upgrade-from-legacy-tools/player

You can read more in the Azure AD Connect documentation pages

Additionally, I strongly suggest to have a look at the discussion/comments on the post.

Having a 2nd server is now supported. This is called a “staging server” and more information can be found here: https://azure.microsoft.com/documentation/articles/active-directory-aadconnectsync-operations/#staging-mode.

It is also possible to filter based on OUs. More information on filtering options can be found here: https://azure.microsoft.com/documentation/articles/active-directory-aadconnectsync-configure-filtering/.

Note-to-self: MVA course – Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional

Source: https://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/en-US/training-courses/getting-started-with-azure-security-for-the-it-professional-11165

From the course description:

“Course information

Earning Trust in the Microsoft Cloud

Join Scott Edwards and Rick Claus for a look at the Microsoft commitment to earn customer and partner trust in its Cloud Services, with a focus on privacy controls, compliance, and certification.

Inside a Microsoft Datacenter

Have you ever wondered what “cloud scale” looks like? Take a virtual tour of a datacenter (designed, built, and operated by Microsoft), and learn about defense in depth, access, and cloud security.

Architecting Secure Compute Solutions on Azure

Explore ways to design solutions that will be secure and well architected for availability within your Azure subscription. Learn about security boundary implementation and ways to minimize downtime.

Virtual Appliances and Security

​ ​This session covers various elements of the network virtualization stack with emphasis on virtual networks, network security, and user defined routing.

Understanding Virtual Appliances

You will learn how to deploy virtual appliances in Azure Virtual Network. The key focus is on security appliances (firewall, gateway), ADC (application delivery controller), and WAN optimization.​ ​

Extend Your Network to the Microsoft Cloud

Learn about how Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enables you to extend your network to Microsoft and enable Hybrid Scenarios for your Enterprise.

How to Manage Encryption Keys for Your Cloud Apps with Azure Key Vault

With the new Azure Key Vault service, customers of cloud applications can manage their keys and secrets consistently across their cloud applications. This is part 1 covering background and theory.

Demos: How to Manage Encryption Keys for Your Cloud Apps with Azure Key Vault

Managing cryptographic keys and secrets is an essential part of safeguarding data in the cloud. This is part TWO covering all the demos of the Azure Key Vault service​.

Disk Encryption with Key Vault

​Disk Encryption has been something that our customers have been asking about since Azure IaaS has been available. Learn what options are available to your Azure IaaS VMs now with Azure KeyVault.

Antivirus Options in Azure

AntiVirus extensions are available in Azure and can be included in your Virtual Machine images. Learn what options are available and how to leverage them in your solutions.

Encryption for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

This talk will cover how customers can use the SQL Server Connector to use Azure Key Vault as an Extensible Key Manager in implementing SQL Server encryption on Azure Virtual Machines.

Azure SQL Database Security

This talk will cover 2 new security features for Azure SQL DB, Transparent Data Encryption and Azure Active Directory integrated authentication.”

Note-to-self: free MS Press eBooks on Microsoft Virtual academy

Looking for some Azure reference material, planning for Azure certification exams, …? Have a look at the eBooks section on Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)…
Short url: http://aka.ms/freemspress

It has a quite interesting collection of free eBooks you can download…


And while you’re there, also check the learning stuff for identity:


And bookmark this link for security related learning material:



Happy learning!


Packt Pub is launching Free Learning campaign, claim a free eBook every day

Packt Publishing is encouraging customers to develop new skills and try new technologies with 18 days of Free Learning. For 18 days from 16th February to 5th March, Packt is inviting yout to claim a free eBook every day to learn a new skill.

Head over to the Packt website and go claim your free eBook! (bit.ly/1EOVcQD)

Note-to-self: The Microsoft Security Newsletter

As a security IT pro, it’s always interesting to keep up to date with the latest security news.
And it’s even more easier if it gets delivered to you…

Check out the The Microsoft Security Newsletter, over here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/cc307424.

It provides a link to add the free newsletter subscription to your LiveID/MicrosoftID communication profile.

The latest (edition may 2014) new is here : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/dd162324



Note-to-self: the Short URL collection bookmarks

Category Short Url Description
Book http://aka.ms/packtpub_da_troubleshooting Book: Direct Access troubleshooting
Exchange http://aka.ms/mostpopularexch2010wiki Most poplar Exchange 2010 articles on TN Wiki
FIM http://aka.ms/ecmaresourcewiki ECMA Resource Wiki
FIM http://aka.ms/fim_codeplex FIM projects on Codeplex
FIM http://aka.ms/fim_portsrightspermissions FIM Ports, rights and permissions
FIM http://aka.ms/fim2010 https://identityunderground.wordpress.com/
FIM http://aka.ms/msidentitypublicreleases Microsoft’s Identity Software: Public Release Build Versions
FIM http://aka.ms/msidmpublicbuilds Microsoft’s Identity Software: Public Release Build Versions
FIM http://aka.ms/msidmpublicreleases Microsoft’s Identity Software: Public Release Build Versions
FIM http://aka.ms/powershellma PowerShell Management Agent > The IDM explorer
FIM http://aka.ms/understandingfimdeprovisioning Understanding Deprovisioning
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010R2-RC FIM 2012 R2 RC
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010R2BetaDocs FIM R2 Beta docs
FIM http://bit.ly/pGW4gS FIM Exam
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010BetaExam FIM Exam
FIM http://bit.ly/TNEdgeCustomizingFIMPortal FIM Portal customisation
FIM http://bit.ly/CreatingCustomRCDC FIM Creating Custom RCDC
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010HotfixRSS FIM Hotfix RSS
FIM http://bit.ly/FIMTags FIM tags
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010_slowlink Improve FIM performance over slow link
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010Solutions FIM 2010 Solutions from partners
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010CustomActivity_WF FIM Custom Activity WF
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010SDK FIM 2010 SDK
FIM http://bit.ly/FIM2010Resources FIM 2010 Resources
FIM http://aka.ms/fim2010bpa FIM 2010 Best Practice Analyser
FIM http://aka.ms/fim2010functionsref FIM 2010 Functions Reference
FIM http://aka.ms/fim2010partnermas FIM 2010: Management Agents from Partners
FIM http://aka.ms/fim2010r2bpa FIM 2010 Best Practice Analyser
FIM http://aka.ms/fimblogs FIM 2010 Community, feeds & blogs
FIM http://aka.ms/fimbuild_overview FIM Build Overveiw
FIM http://aka.ms/fimbuilds FIM Build Overveiw
FIM http://aka.ms/fimcmpermissions FIM CM Permisssion
FIM http://aka.ms/fimcommunity FIM Community overview
FIM http://aka.ms/fimcommunity_feeds_blogs FIM Community overview
FIM http://aka.ms/fimfilema FIM File MA
FIM http://aka.ms/fimlpdownload FIM Language Pack download
FIM http://aka.ms/fimma_ln8 FIM Lotus Notes MA
FIM http://aka.ms/fimmaportspermissions FIM Rights, Ports & Permissions
FIM http://aka.ms/fimmas FIM Management Agents
FIM http://aka.ms/fimmasfrompartners FIM Management Agents from partners
FIM http://aka.ms/fimrampup Learning FIM
FIM http://aka.ms/fimresources FIM Resources
FIM http://aka.ms/fimscriptbox FIM Script box
FIM http://aka.ms/fimsecurity FIM Security Setup
FIM http://aka.ms/fimtechoverview FIM Technical Overview
FIM Book http://aka.ms/fim2010r2bestpracticesbook FIM Book
FIM Book http://aka.ms/fim2010r2handbook FIM Book
FIM Book http://aka.ms/fim2010r2handbookshortcuts FIM Book
FIM Book http://aka.ms/fim_r2_best_practices_vol1 FIM Book
FIM Community http://aka.ms/fimteamug FIM Team User Group
FIM Forum http://aka.ms/fimforum FIM Forum on Technet
FIM Forum http://aka.ms/fimforumtn FIM Forum on Technet
FIM Learning http://aka.ms/fim2010rampup Learning FIM
FIM News http://aka.ms/2013fimannouncement 2013 FIM Announcement
FIM Technet http://aka.ms/tnwikiforum FIM 2010 Forum
FIM Wiki http://aka.ms/fim2010resources FIM 2010 Resources
FIM Wiki http://aka.ms/fim2010wiki FIM 2010 Wiki
Forefront http://aka.ms/forefrontroadmap Forefront Roadmap announcement
Forefront http://aka.ms/forefronttechcenter Forefront Tech Center
ILM http://aka.ms/ilm2007gettingstarted ILM Getting Started
Learning http://bit.ly/MS_MVA Microsoft Virtual Academy
PFE http://aka.ms/pfe_wiki Premier Field Engineering at TN Wiki
PFE http://aka.ms/stayoutoftrouble Premier Field Engineering
PKI http://bit.ly/MSPKIBook MS PKI Book
PKI http://bit.ly/CurrentCLMresources Current CLM Resources
Security http://bit.ly/MS_BRS Business Ready Security
Security http://bit.ly/NEAT_Spruce Neat And Spruce at Microsoft
Security http://bit.ly/FBLeak20110510 FB leak
Security http://bit.ly/DownloadBRSTrial Microsoft Business Ready Security Trial Environment
Sharepoint http://aka.ms/sp2010kernelmodeauthn Sharepoint Kernel Mode Authentication
Technet http://aka.ms/fim2010forum FIM Forum on Technet
Visual Studio http://aka.ms/debugextension Extension debugging
Wiki http://aka.ms/fimwiki FIM at Wiki
Wiki http://aka.ms/fixrgb Fix RGB codes to names in HTML
Wiki http://aka.ms/happybirthday_ed Wiki surprise
Wiki http://aka.ms/ninja Wiki Ninja
Wiki http://aka.ms/ninjas Wiki Ninja
Wiki http://aka.ms/notappropriatefortnwiki Wiki guidelines
Wiki http://aka.ms/tnwikibookmarks Wiki Bookmarks
Wiki http://aka.ms/wikitagcloud TechNet Wiki: easy bookmarks to important TNWiki resources
Wiki http://aka.ms/wikitoolbox TN Wiki toolbox
Wiki http://bit.ly/AddTocToYourTNWikiDoc Add TOC to your Wiki article
Wiki Blog http://aka.ms/tnwikiblog TN Wiki Blog
Wiki Blog http://aka.ms/wikiblog TN Wiki blog
Wiki blog http://aka.ms/wikininjablog TN Wiki blog
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/technetwikicommunitycouncil Wiki Governance
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/tnwikicouncil Wiki Council
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/tnwikifeedback Wiki Feedback
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/wikidevelopment Wiki Governance
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/wikiguide Wiki Governance
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/wikininjas Wiki Ninja
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/wikireputation Wiki Governance
Wiki Governance http://aka.ms/wikuserguidelines_personalisation Wiki Governance