Planning day 2 & 3 on the TechDays 2012


10:45 – 12:00

Discover what’s new in Windows 8 Active Directory
Speaker: Paul Loonen | Level : 300 | Room : 6 |

13:00 – 14:15

The Private Cloud, Principles, Patterns and Concepts
Speaker: Tom Shinder | Level : 300 | Room : 9 |

14:30 – 15:45

Toolmaking for Administrators using Windows PowerShell
Speaker: Jason Helmick | Level : 400 | Room : 7 |



09:00 – 10:15

Private Cloud Day Session 1: Building your Private Cloud Infrastructure
Speaker: Kurt Roggen | Level : 300 | Room : 5 |

10:45 – 12:00

Private Cloud Day Session 2: Creating & Configure your Private Cloud
Speaker: Kurt Roggen | Level : 300 | Room : 5 |

13:00 – 14:15

Private Cloud Day Session 3: Monitor & Operate your Private Cloud
Speaker: Mike Resseler | Level : 300 | Room : 5 |

14:30 – 15:45

Private Cloud Day Session 4: Automating & Delivering Services in your Private…
Speakers: Mike Resseler , Kurt Roggen | Level : 3

Private Cloud Day Session 5: A Solution for Private Cloud Security
Speaker: Tom Shinder | Level : 300 | Room : 5 |

00 | Room : 5 |

16:15 – 17:30

Microsoft acquires BHOLD technology assets

– Kuppinger Cole: Microsoft acquires BHOLD technology assets
– Microsoft Pathways: http://www.microsoft.com/pathways/bhold/default.htm

And after this announcement following interesting comments were posted:
BHOLD wins the Microsoft IAG lottery (by Ian Glazer, Gartner)

Microsoft, BHOLD and what the parrot saw (Jackson Shaw)

Update for Dutch-reading audience:
article on Computable: “Microsoft neemt technologie Bhold over”.
BHOLD valt in de smaak bij Microsoft   (Automatisering gids)

Things to take away?
From Jackson Shaw: “And what does the parrot see as the top 3 things Microsoft needs to do now that they have acquired “certain assets”?? Execute, execute, execute.”
Like Ian Glazer says: “I’d say the market around Microsoft’s identity offerings is just getting interesting.”

Quote from Kuppinger Cole: Microsoft acquires BHOLD technology assets
“Today Microsoft announced that  they have acquired technology assets from BHOLD, a dutch vendor of Access Governance technology. Microsoft thus now owns technology which has been missing in their IAM portfolio until now. Microsoft thus enters the Access Governance market. Whether that will happen through enhancements of their existing FIM 2010 product or by adding another product based on the BHOLD technology hasn’t been announced yet. Anyhow, the deal will change the Access Governance market, particularly regarding the offerings which are targeted to complement Microsoft FIM.

KuppingerCole will follow up on this news and provide further information as soon as it is available. Overall, this acquisitions proves that Microsoft continues investing in the broader IAM space and thus rates this market segment as important to their customers. For existing BHOLD customers, the acquisition provides new opportunities given that they are working with a much bigger vendor now. However, the impact on existing customers can be rated first when the Microsoft roadmap is unveiled. In general we recommend existing BHOLD customers to stay calm until more information is available. For customers investing or
planning to invest into FIM 2010, the acquisition is definitely good news because it means that FIM will grow beyond the somewhat technical approach into a more business-oriented solution over time. However, without the roadmap being
unveiled it is hard to predict when Microsoft customers really will benefit.”

Quote from Microsoft Pathways: http://www.microsoft.com/pathways/bhold/default.htm

“Microsoft has acquired certain assets of BHOLD, a leading provider of identity and access governance functionality. BHOLD will continue as an independent entity. The terms of the deal will not be disclosed. Roadmap and licensing will
be announced later. “

“BHOLD’s product capabilities currently augment Forefront Identity Manager by adding identity and access governance functionality including in-depth role management, separation of duties, access certification, and authorization management. These capabilities help to ensure access controls are enforced and that customers meet their controls policies and obligations.

Today, customers use BHOLD’s capabilities to augment FIM by:

  • Managing access rights of people by role to achieve business goals while
    minimizing risk
  • Increasing end user productivity through self-service role management and
    access recertification
  • Aiding in risk management and GRC initiatives with respect to identities and
    their associated access rights”