Useful cybersecurity, data protection and breach reports

Cyber Threat Landscape reports



 CyberEdge’s 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report Including Click to access the main report: Report/CyberEdge-2020-CDR-Report-v10.ashx?la=en Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2020


Overview: Detailed report per topic (with massive list of references to use):

Data Breach reports


Verizon DBIR (Data breach Investigations report)

Open the DBIR report in “view only” mode to avoid entering personal data

IBM Ponemon – Cost of a databreach 2020


Verizon DBIR (Data breach Investigations report)

Choose view only option:

IBM-Ponemon – Cost of a data breach report 2019

Registration-free direct link: Official link (with privacy wall):

IAPP-EY Annual Governance report (free for members only)

(IAPP members get it for free) Hint: the IAPP link below also shows reports of previous years.


IAPP-EY Annual Governance Report 2018

v2018 also available for free from the EY website: