Some new #MIM2016 CTP stuff on the Connect site

Check out the MIM 2016 connect site:

The Identity and Access Management Connect site is used for:

– Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 Preview (MIM 2016 SP1)
– FIM Sync Connectors
– Azure Active Directory Sync Services

If you would like to try out this preview in a lab environment, it is available for download on Connect at

Check :

If you do not see this available for download, ensure that “Active Directory Identity and Access Management CTP” is in your Connect programs list, or add this connect program from the directory .  You can provide feedback directly by email to or in Connect site feedback.

It’s important to carefully check the description of the download: “These CTPs are intended solely for integration testing and to help us gather community feedback on specific changes or scenarios. As such these previews are for evaluation use only, and are not licensed, supported or intended for production use.  If you need updates for a production deployment of MIM, please contact your Microsoft support representative to ensure you have the latest hotfix for MIM 2016.”

Note-to-self: a new build of the #MIM2016 CTP on Microsoft Connect (Milestone CTP4, 4.3.1935.0)

Last update, in april, the FIM/MIM product group posted MIM beta-build  4.3.1790.0.
Yesterday the MIM PG has posted new build install files on Connect. (4.3.1935.0).

You’ll notice this set of data only has the install files and hasn’t got the VMs anymore…

Release date, RTM, GA getting close?

New MIM vNext CTP (CTP4) posted on Microsoft Connect #FIM2010 #MIM2015, now #MIM2016


Today the FIM/MIM product group posted a new version of the MIM vNext CTP on Microsoft Connect (Milestone CTP4, 4.3.1790.0)

Head over to the Microsoft Connect site at

As you’ll see quickly you’ll need 35GB free space now, to download the documents and VMs.

In addition to the new functionality, if you carefully read the list of downloads we have got a new product name:

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016.

CTP3 MIM CM with Modern App TLG.docx 5,38 MB Download
MICROSOFT EVALUATION SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS.docx 70 KB Download 6.429,13 MB Download 7.438,93 MB Download 7.461,45 MB Download 13.791,65 MB Download
MIM install 158 MB Download
MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management.docx 474 KB Download
TLG – MIM2016 Deployment.docx 8,98 MB Download
TLG – MIM2016 RC Self-Service Login Assistance (SSPR+SSAU) with Azure MFA.docx 4,05 MB Download

The beta release can be downloaded as following:

Gift from the PG for the #MSIM2015 fans: download VMs


Just a few days ago the FIM/MIM product group released some interesting stuff on the Connect platform: the MIM 2015 PAM Preview – Step up experience based on VMs.

I certainly advise to use the Microsoft File Transfer Manager (Download manager), as you’ll need to pull around 16GB of data down your internet link.

Here’s what you get:

Files to download:

File name File size
TLG MIM PAM V1.7 Lab Guide on VMs release.docx 124 KB
PRIVDC VHD EULA.DOCX 55 KB 273,56 MB 11.078,55 MB 400,44 MB 4.361,74 MB 475,18 MB

How easy can it be?

MIM 2015 CTP published on connect. #FIM2010 #MSIM2015

Microsoft has published the CTP of Microsoft Identity Manager 2015, aka FIM vNext.
Some people reported that they could not see the item in their Connect Dashboard, while they had already registered for other FIM beta’s.

The CTP is published on the same Connect site as the FIM beta’s were published before:

But you’ll need to look for the Active Directory Identity and Access Management CTP program under the Identity and Access Management product.


If you don’t see the item in your on your Connect Dashboard, try this link: Active Directory Identity and Access Management CTP (
Keep in mind you need to register to Connect first.

Yesterday, a new document was published: MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management
Some more is available:

Date Titel / Category Version
10/11/2014 MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management  November 10, 2014
Category: Document
4/11/2014 MIM 2015 SSPR and MFA Test Lab Guide  October 2014
Category: Document
28/10/2014 MIM 2015 Public CTP for PAM and SSPR  October 28, 2014
Category: Build
20/10/2014 MIM 2015 CTP for CM  October 2014
Category: Build
20/10/2014 MIM 2015 CTP CM Test Lab Guides  October 2014
Category: Document

If you need more information, check the information published on TechEd 2014, published on Channel 9 a few days ago:

First beta release of #AADSync

The pre-release program of Azure AD Sync on Connect has been updated with the first beta release of AADSync.

The beta release is available on Connect from this link:

Make sure to read the updated installation guide and release notes available on TechNet:

As requested by the PG, please continue to provide feedback through Connect. This allows MS to deliver a high-quality product which is solving your scenarios.

FIM 2010 R2 Beta is live on MS Connect – FIM 2010 R2 Community Evaluation Program (CEP)

The Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 Community Evaluation Program has been launched.

It allows you to evaluate the pre-release version of Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. The

Members of this program are able to evaluate the Beta version of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2.

This Beta focuses on the new and improved features included in the FIM R2 release.

  • Reporting
  • Web-based Self-Service Password Reset
  • Improved performance for the initial load of the FIM database
  • Scale and load performance improvements
  • Outlook® 2010 support for the FIM add-ins and extensions
  • SharePoint® 2010 support
  • Improved troubleshooting support.

You can download the installation bits & bytes from the Connect site by

1. Clicking on this link:


2. Logging into Connect

    The download includes the R2 docs and langpacks.

The documents will be published on Technet shortly.


You’ll notice that the download section not only contains the beta software.

There is more…

The program hosts a series off online sessions on different CEP topics
2-Aug-‘11 : CEP Kick-off, FIM 2010 R2 Intro – What’s New
16-Aug-‘11: Reporting
30-Aug-‘11: Web-based Password Reset
13-Sep-‘11: Performance Improvements
27-Sep-‘11: Outlook 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Support
11-Oct-‘11: Troubleshooting Improvements
25-Oct-‘11: Wrap-up and Customer Success Stories

Time to get started!

FIM 2010 ECMA 2.0 Beta Now Available!

The FIM Sync product team has announced that : “the ECMA 2.0 Beta is now available for download from Microsoft Connect! This is an updated version from the EZMA CTP2.

As a member of the CTP, you can find the ECMA 2.0 Beta in the download section of the FIM 2010 Connect program on Microsoft Connect .

Microsoft Connect enables you to connect directly with Microsoft developers, product managers, and other team members to help us make our products the best they can be and meet your needs.

When you file feedback on Connect, make sure you use the FIM Sync feedback bug form for EZMA feedback.

If you also participate in FIM2010, then you will also have access to Product Requests which is for FIM Service/Portal and