Some new #MIM2016 CTP stuff on the Connect site

Check out the MIM 2016 connect site: https://connect.microsoft.com/site433.

The Identity and Access Management Connect site is used for:

– Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 Preview (MIM 2016 SP1)
– FIM Sync Connectors
– Azure Active Directory Sync Services

If you would like to try out this preview in a lab environment, it is available for download on Connect at  https://connect.microsoft.com/site433/Downloads

Check : https://connect.microsoft.com/site433/Downloads/DownloadDetails.aspx?DownloadID=57668

If you do not see this available for download, ensure that “Active Directory Identity and Access Management CTP” is in your Connect programs list, or add this connect program from the directory https://connect.microsoft.com/directory/ .  You can provide feedback directly by email to aadmimfeedback@microsoft.com or in Connect site feedback.

It’s important to carefully check the description of the download: “These CTPs are intended solely for integration testing and to help us gather community feedback on specific changes or scenarios. As such these previews are for evaluation use only, and are not licensed, supported or intended for production use.  If you need updates for a production deployment of MIM, please contact your Microsoft support representative to ensure you have the latest hotfix for MIM 2016.”

MIM 2015 CTP published on connect. #FIM2010 #MSIM2015

Microsoft has published the CTP of Microsoft Identity Manager 2015, aka FIM vNext.
Some people reported that they could not see the item in their Connect Dashboard, while they had already registered for other FIM beta’s.

The CTP is published on the same Connect site as the FIM beta’s were published before: https://connect.microsoft.com/site433/Downloads

But you’ll need to look for the Active Directory Identity and Access Management CTP program under the Identity and Access Management product.


If you don’t see the item in your on your Connect Dashboard, try this link: Active Directory Identity and Access Management CTP (https://connect.microsoft.com/site433/MIM%202015%20CTP).
Keep in mind you need to register to Connect first.


Yesterday, a new document was published: MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management
Some more is available:

Date Titel / Category Version
10/11/2014 MIM CTP Test Lab Guide for Privileged Access Management  November 10, 2014
Category: Document
4/11/2014 MIM 2015 SSPR and MFA Test Lab Guide  October 2014
Category: Document
28/10/2014 MIM 2015 Public CTP for PAM and SSPR  October 28, 2014
Category: Build
20/10/2014 MIM 2015 CTP for CM  October 2014
Category: Build
20/10/2014 MIM 2015 CTP CM Test Lab Guides  October 2014
Category: Document

If you need more information, check the information published on TechEd 2014, published on Channel 9 a few days ago: