Techdays 2011 – Early birds ’till 28/feb!

Time is running out to enjoy a special Early Bird pricing and attend this year’s TechDays.
With a fantastic speaker line-up, this is a not-to-miss event.

Early Bird Pricing will end on February 28th, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and save up to €125!

TechDays Main Conference takes place on April 26th and 27th.
During the main conference, 6 Developer and IT-Pro tracks bring you a mix of new technology and in-depth content on current technology with over 60 sessions planned.
Have a look at the session listing and you will discover which sessions have been confirmed so far.
You will also notice that Microsoft has invited some top notch speakerswho are eager to share their expertise.

On the third day of TechDays, April 28th, we host a Deep Dive day with 4 different tracks for developers and IT-Pros.
As a developer you can choose between two tracks that go in-depth and focus on Best Practices.

Take a look at the constantly updated session listing to filter and browse through confirmed speakers and sessions.
Next to learning there is also the networking aspect of this conference. You’ll have you the opportunity to connect with Product Managers from Redmond, meet your peers, talk to our user groups and much more.

Hope to see you at the TechDays!

FIM Troubleshooting Collection

One of the goals of the FIM product teams  is  to enable the FIM community to contribute to our troubleshooting documentation set.

To do so, Microsoft has started to migrate the core troubleshooting content into the TechNet Wiki platform.
They will still track the available articles in the Troubleshooting FIM 2010 Roadmap on the FIM TechCenter.

To simplify the process of writing and posting FIM troubleshooting articles, Markus has posted a TechNet Wiki article that includes some guidelines.
Please feel free to add on to this article if you can think of additional tips and tricks.

Feedback is always welcome!

Please feel free to spread the word as appropriate.

Insight in the .NET Encryption Library for the Belgian eHealth platform


Microsoft Belgium has developed a  .NET Encryption Library for the Belgian eHealth platform.
This .NET Encryption Library allows to develop software solutions that use the eHealth platform services, i.c. the end-to-end encryption.
In this way you can send sensitive messages over an non protected carrier. It not only protects against unauthorized access, but also identifies the sender.

The .NET Encryption Library currently is availble as Open Source on Codeplex.

To get an insight on this .NET Encrypion libary, in february 2011 Microsoft organizes some workmeetings.

eHealth is the Belgium Federal Government platform with the goal to bring all healtcare platforms in Belgium together. For more information see

Community day 2011

After the huge success last year and the new year freshly started, there is some early news on Community Day.

Community Day 2011 will take place on June 23th 2011. Location will be Utopolis, Mechelen again.
This edition will be a bit special since we celebrate the 5th edition!

Already a few sponsors confirmed, but to make it a success we still need additional support.
If your company is interested in sponsoring, please let me know.

More news to come, but block it in your agenda already!