From MS Technet Gallery to Github

As Microsoft TechNet is about to be deprecated (june 2020), I’ve completed the move of my documents and scripts gallery to Github.

Major advantage is that Github can be managed from a desktop client….

You’ll find some (35+) interesting links and downloads of

  • various powershell scripts to manage
    • AD
    • Microsoft Identity manager (FIM & MIM)
    • HTML
    • Technet Wiki
  • sql scripts
  • Word templates
  • XLS templates and tools

Bookmark this link for easy memory:


Note-to-Self: #MIM2016 online documentation is live

Just got the news that the MIM 2016 online documentation is published.

You can find the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Developer Reference at:

It contains:

On TechNet you can find the MIM 2016 Technical Library at:

New Technet resources to make IT Pros’ lives better: Script Browser & Script Analyzer

Microsoft has released 2 new resources to make IT Pros’ lives better:

  • Script Browser – IT Pros can search, download and manage 9000+ TechNet script samples covering ALL Microsoft IT products from within their coding environment. Script Browser even supports offline search so users can download all interesting scripts and search them when they do not have internet access.
  • Script Analyzer – we use the Powershell AST technology to scan IT Pro’s script and provide suggestions to improve IT Pros’ script quality and readability.

Why you may want to check out these resources?

  1. The 2 new resources are relevant to ALL IT Pros. Whether you’re a Windows Server IT Pro, or SQL Server IT Pro, or Exchange IT Pro, etc, you will find it useful.
  2. The 2 new resources can make IT Pros’ lives easier by teaching how to automate IT products and improving their automation quality. Your audience would love you for the sharing.
  3. They were newly released a week ago. Not many people know about them yet.
  4. Feel free to share the resources, you are not only helping your IT Pro peers, but also helping Microsoft products, TechNet, and PowerShell.

The resources can be downloaded from the following link:

Update: Version 1.1 of the Script Browser is out.
Check out the announcement here:

The teams developing these tools are committed to continuously adding new features and benefiting IT Pros’ work. They have an ambitious roadmap.


If you love what you see in Script Browser & Script Analyzer, please recommend it to your friends and colleagues.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, please contact
Your precious opinions and comments are more than welcome.

Download Script Browser & Script Analyzer 1.1

(If you have already installed the 1.0 version, you will get an update notification when you launch Windows PowerShell ISE.)




The new TechNet Forum Assistant


TechNet Forum Assistant

The TechNet Forum Assistant is a free Windows gadget, available in the Microsoft Download Centre. This gadget will help you better utilize the great information in  TechNet Forums and community. By downloading, you have the support and expertise of Microsoft TechNet Forum Support Engineers directly right on your desktop. Receive support on your terms by downloading the TechNet Forum Assistant.

features of the assistant

Ask Questions

The TechNet Forum Assistant enables you to ask questions directly to our dedicated TechNet Forum Support Engineers. With a click of your mouse, you can choose your favourite thread among the numerous topics available in the TechNet Forums.

Hot Topics & Resources

The TechNet Forum Assistant instantly directs you to the hottest questions and discussions, professional technique recommendations for development and free sample code from the All-In-One Code Framework. Searching through your forum threads has never been easier. With TechNet Forum Assistant you can search through your threads directly from your desktop.

Receive Personalized Updates

The TechNet Forum Assistant conveniently gathers forum threads which are of interest to you. By selecting your favourite forums, the Forum Assistant provides updates on the most recent threads, making your online support experience much more convenient and hassle free.



TechNet Forum Assistant

It makes receiving support quicker and more convenient than ever. Download the free TechNet Forum Assistantto help you take advantage of the full capabilities of TechNet Forum.


How to Use PowerShell to create a TN Wiki catalog page

While the Microsoft Technet Forums have become the base for a very vibrant community, it’s not really THE platform to build, share and maintain documentation.

The Technet Wiki fans know that the TNWiki is a very interesting platform that perfectly complements the Technet Forums for that purpose.

Most of the people publishing on the Technet Wiki like to get an overview of their articles, once in a while.
Although the Wiki offers nice features, it’s very hard to get a concise, quick overview of your articles.

One of the tricks to achieve this, is using a personal tag. (eg. pgtag 😉
But as you can see, its not a condensed view.

Therefore I created a powershell script that does it for you.

Just take a look at this page: How to Use PowerShell to create a Wiki catalog page (feel free to copy the code and use offline for customization)

Another example (pure results of the script) is the list below:

Current ADFS Resources (Peter Geelen, 17 feb 2011)
Current Certificate Lifecycle Manager Resources (Peter Geelen, 24 sep 2010)
Current Identity Lifecycle Manager resources (Peter Geelen, 5 apr 2010)
FIM 2010 Software Solutions from Partners (Peter Geelen, 31 okt 2010)
FIM 2010 Wiki Articles (Peter Geelen, 5 jul 2011)
Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 Webcasts and Videos (Peter Geelen, 19 jul 2010)
Forefront Identity Manager Resources (Peter Geelen, 15 mrt 2010)
Get Help with ILM and FIM (Peter Geelen, 24 nov 2010)
How to Automate FIM 2010 Sync Engine Run Profile Execution (Peter Geelen, 7 dec 2010)
How to Automatically Add a Table of Contents (TOC) to Your Wiki Article (Peter Geelen, 30 mei 2011)
How to Extend the GALSync to Provision Target Objects in Sub OUs Using a Configuration File (Peter Geelen, 7 nov 2010)
How to License FIM 2010 (Peter Geelen, 17 mrt 2011)
How to Post an ILM Experts Corner Article Announcement (Peter Geelen, 28 nov 2010)
How to Set Trace for ERPMA (Peter Geelen, 9 mrt 2010)
How to Solve SQL MA Schema Update Error: ‘Attribute ‘<deleted attribute>’ could not be located in the schema’ (Peter Geelen, 22 jun 2010)
How to Use PowerShell to create a Wiki catalog page (Peter Geelen, 19 sep 2011)
ILM : How to Get Attribute Data from a Referenced Object (Peter Geelen, 7 jun 2010)
ILM 2007 FP1 / FIM 2010 Synchronization Glossary (Peter Geelen, 11 jul 2010)
ILM ERPMA with SAPRouter (Peter Geelen, 9 mrt 2010)
ILM/FIM Forum Playbook (Peter Geelen, 21 feb 2011)
ILM/FIM Run Profile Definitions (Peter Geelen, 6 jul 2010)
Troubleshooting ILM Group Populator Language Dependencies (Peter Geelen, 9 jun 2010)
Troubleshooting ILM/FIM Extensions (Peter Geelen, 24 nov 2010)
Troubleshooting ILM/MIIS with SAP Load Balancing Connection String (Peter Geelen, 9 mrt 2010)
Troubleshooting PCNS (Peter Geelen, 13 okt 2010)

Technet Live Meeting 2011-02-24: Identity Management in the Cloud


Next Thursday (February 24th, 2011), Paul Loonen will be presenting a TechNet Live Meeting in Belgium on how to extend your Enterprise Identity to the Cloud,  focussing on what Microsoft has to offer. Topics include Active Directory, Windows Azure ACS and Forefront Identity Manager 2010.

Register here for the Dutch language session and here for French language session,

To get your copy of the presentation, please check at Paul’s blog after the 24th!