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Director – CyberMinute (www.cyberminute.com)
Managing Consultant – Quest For Security BVBA

Security Consultant with broad professional experience in Enterprise Security, Identity & Access management, Information protection, Privacy, & Data protection Cyber Security, Corporate security policies, Security hardening, Cloud security, incident management, disaster recovery planning, …

Master trainer having fun in teaching, coaching, chalk & talks, workshops, knowledge transfer & certification

Certified and authorized trainer for (ISC)², IAPP, ISACA and PECB

Strong believer and active supporter of knowledge sharing to build and grow the technical community.

Accredited ISO27001/ISO9001 Lead Auditor

ISO27001 Master,
ISO27701 Lead Implementer / Lead Auditor Privacy Information Mgmt

ISO27002 Lead manager,
Lead Risk manager, Certified DPO
Lead Incident Manager, Lead DRM
HR Security


Dutch, English, French, English

Speaking themes

Data Protection,  Enterprise Security, EU GDPR, Identity And Access Management, Information Security, ISO27001, Privacy, Disaster Recovery, Incident Management, HR Security,…

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Conference, Webinar, Workshops, Teaching, Chalk & Talk, Coaching, Mentoring, Moderation, …


2020-11-19: PECB Insight Conference 2020

The best and brightest minds in the field of Information Security, IT, ISO standards, and more, are gathered for two days of networking, learning, and expertise sharing. To have stimulating discussions, the conference will be designed in panel sessions. During these panels, experts will discuss technology’s role in Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology, IoT, and AI, in both English and French.

DPO Circle: :  ISO27701 : The Newest Privacy Information Standard

June 22, 2020 at 13:00

13:00 Introduction by the DPO Circle Host

13:10 Quick Guide to ISO27701 

13:30 ISO/IEC 27701 vs GDPR: What you need to know 

13:50 Closing message by Prof. Georges Ataya

2020-06-24: Key Data Privacy Roles Explained: Data Protection Officer, Information Security Manager, and Information Security Auditor

The webinar will cover:

• What are the roles and responsibilities of the main actors responsible for protecting data in an organization?
• How can an organization find out if they are required to designate a DPO role or not?
• Can the roles of a DPO and Information Security Manager be covered by the same individual?
• What organizations are required to do to have the DPO perform its role and responsivities independently?

Previous events

Privatum – Privacy after work


Het eerste thema van deze tweede sessie is datalekken. Hoe moet je je organiseren? Welke zijn de meest belangrijke stappen? Hoe kun je de impact van een datalek objectief bepalen? Hoe beheers je de communicatie? Is het mogelijk om je voor te bereiden? Wat is de rol van de DPO, de CISO, ….?
Daarnaast werpen we een blik op een “nieuwe” ISO-norm: ISO 27701. Wat houdt deze juist in? Hoe kunnen we deze toepassen binnen de context van informatiebeveiliging?

Heel wat vragen, waarop Peter Geelen, die als senior information security management advisor werkt voor het CCB, maar ook consultant en auditor is; en Jan Leonard, DPO bij Orange, je een antwoord zullen geven.

Privatum en DQS – experts in privacy en dataprotectie – nodigen u uit voor deze tweede infosessie met netwerkmoment in de kantoren van Privatum in Lummen op donderdag 6 februari 2020.

Hardening Identity Manager environment

THURSDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2019 (Paris)

The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of security best practices to secure your Identity Manager infrastructure, both on-premises as the cloud components. This document is rather a check list and security guideline than a detailed step-by-step guide. It does provide practical hints and tips to secure your setup, with many design considerations.
As a take-away you’ll have practical guide and food for thought to secure your Identity Management infrastructure and check your setup against the best practices.



Location: PECB Conference, Bruxelles

French session
The GDPR effects can be seen in the new privacy laws being enacted all around the globe, as well as in the rise of the number of fines that organizations that have been found non-compliant are getting. In this session we will have a closer look at the impact that the GDPR is having since it was introduced.

26 May 2018, from GDPR to sustainable GDP


Location: webinar

PECB Global Leading Voices webinar

This webinar provided important insights on the importance of the upcoming new General Data Protection Regulation which will become enforceable in May 2018. Moreover, it covered the requirements that will help you get GDPR compliant, and the method/techniques that help you build sustainable data protection practices.

Main points covered:
• How to move from GDPR to GDP way of thinking?
• How can we use the GDPR to build data protection into the company DNA?
• What is required, for all parties in the story, to make it work?
• How can we build sustainable data protection practices?

What if… you would manage your security like an airport?


Location: Lamot, Mechelen

about: People with a bit of traveling experience, know that security is like in airport operations. Airport security operations are strongly regulated, by the same processes and procedures … that apply to IT.
The number of accidents per operation is lower than any other means of transport…
What if … you run your cloud and data center like an airport?
What can you learn from it

ISO/IEC 27701 vs GDPR: What you need to know


  • The GDPR view of the IOS/IEC 27701.
  • Mapping the GDPR to-do and the ISO/IEC 27701 to-do list.
  • The ISO/IEC 27701 auditor mindset
  • Compliance AND/OR/XOR solid data protection?
  • Status of GDPR cetification
Quick Guide to ISO27701 The Newest Privacy Information Standard

In this session, we have looked into the ISO/IEC 27701 standard that has been published in August 2019. This standard glues together the ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002, ISO 29100 and their sub-standards with the GDPR.

For certification and compliance, it’s important to understand these standards and regulations, as the GDPR and other legislation have heated the discussion about certification. The ISO/IEC 27701 contains important requirements and implementation guidance for implementing a PIMS (Privacy Information Management System), which will set the baseline for the future of privacy and data protection.

The webinar covers:
Walkthrough of the ISO/IEC 27701
Links with ISO/IEC 2700x series standards, ISO 29100 series…
ISO/IEC 2700x and GDPR mapping
Audit & certification



Location: PECB Conference – Bruxelles

As the pace of security breaches keeps accelerating, so does the variety of attacks, advances as well as procedures set up to counteract them.

(ISC)² Belux chapter Event: Docker and cloud security


Location: (ISC)² Belux Chapter, Brussels

Peter will give you a summary of the best practices related to the use of the cloud, straight from the new CCSP CBK.

Forget compliance! Only the GDP mindset will keep you alive!


Location: New York

 With the 2018 GDPR deadline in focus, many businesses with EU customers are feeling like a rabbit frozen in the GDPR headlights… But it’s not the ‘R (regulation) that matters, the GDP does. In this fastmoving era of cloud and data centers, information is flowing like water, and perimeter security is so Y2000. Join this presentation to learn how you can leverage best practices to build an end-to-end, layered security, and avoid information spills.

ABC of identity: Maximizing security with 10 simple processes

MONDAY, 22 MAY 2017

Location: Kinepolis Antwerp, Belgium

about: The identity lifecycle is the basis for all security. But most of people in IT security immediately think of technical solutions when locking down security.

In this session we will take a step back and have a look at the core identity processes and principles that drive your company.

Simply taking care of these base processes, with minimum effort will take care of 90% off the common security issues. Even with some basic manual tasks you can make the hacker’s life to hell.